Our work in the Middle East – Overview

AJEEC-NISPED aims to support and encourage peace making efforts, on the grassroots, people-to-people level, through the joint design and implementation of courses and projects with our Palestinian and Arab neighbors. In spite of the ongoing violent Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and the stagnation of formal peace endeavors, we continue to seek out partners in the Middle East for work that enhances dialogue, co-existence, mutual respect, joint economic work, and non-violence. 

On the following pages, you can find information about our work in the realms of Small and Medium Business Ventures, Cooperatives, and Peace and Development.


An example of our work follows below.

Taking Joint Ventures for Peace to New HeightsAfter months of hard work and lots of dialogue, our first group of 35 Palestinian and Israeli women entrepreneurs is forging ahead. Eight teams of Palestinian and Israeli women have developed products including:

  • Yoga peace bags







  • Clean peace: Handmade olive oil soaps cradled in ceramic dishes
  • Pins for peace in embroidered bags
  • Beautiful peace: Jewelry packaged in olive wood boxes
  • Embroidered peace journals and bags
  • Women weave peace
  • Little Women of Peace – miniature ceramic dolls, representing Israeli and Palestinian women.
  • Midwives of peace – An Israeli and Palestinian partner are editing a book that of insights into peace building, women’s empowerment and healing within this process, and poems and blessings for inspiration and reconciliation. All of the project participants have been invited to contribute written materials for the book. It will be illustrated by Israeli and Palestinian artists in the group.

In addition, the group is searching for funding for a unique, joint art exhibit, entitled Cooking Peace in which project participants will create their own unique ‘pot’ which will reflect their personal/professional life.