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The Arab Bedouin Community of the Negev

The Arab Bedouin are indigenous inhabitants of the Negev Desert, traditionally semi-nomadic pastoralists. In the late 1940s, they were estimated to number between 65,000 – 90,000. During the establishment of the State of Israel, the vast majority fled or was expelled to the surrounding Arab countries; some 11,000 remained. The community was settled in a […]... Read More

Rafi Goldman

Rafi Goldman is an economic and strategic consultant. He is Director and chief trainer of ICECOS. Mr. Goldman is a graduate of the London School of Economics with an MA in History and he holds an MBA with honors from Ben Gurion University in Israel.   Rafi Goldman has nearly 30 years of experience as a […]... Read More

Our work in the Middle East – Overview

AJEEC-NISPED aims to support and encourage peace making efforts, on the grassroots, people-to-people level, through the joint design and implementation of courses and projects with our Palestinian and Arab neighbors. In spite of the ongoing violent Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and the stagnation of formal peace endeavors, we continue to seek out partners in the Middle East for […]... Read More

Economic Empowerment

NISPED-AJEEC is committed to helping Arab-Bedouin women and men provide financial support for their families, while realizing their potentials. We undertake a number of courses – focusing usually on women, but also offering a number of opportunities for men – that integrate professional training with personal and community empowerment. These courses provide the basis for […]... Read More

INCEP-SME: The International Center for the Promotion of Small and Medium Enterprises – Our International Work

Why SMEs? The SME community has witnessed in recent years a growing worldwide awareness of the importance of SMEs to national and regional economies. Governments now recognize that SMEs are vibrant and innovative engines of growth and of job creation. This is because they are quick to respond, flexible, and can adapt to changing circumstances.   SMEs are […]... Read More

אג’יק – מרכז ערבי-יהודי לשוויון, העצמה ושיתוף (AJEEC)

בסוף שנת 2000 הקים מכון הנגב לאסטרטגיות של שלום ופיתוח את אג’יק – המרכז הערבי-יהודי לשוויון, העצמה ושיתוף. רציונאל אוכלוסיית ישראל מונה למעלה משישה מליון תושבים המשתייכים לשתי קהילות לאומיות-אתניות: רוב יהודי(80%) , מיעוט ערבי(20%) . עתידנו כדמוקרטיה, כקהילה מודרנית ומתקדמת וכישות המתפקדת ביעילות, מחייב שניצור כאן חברה שוויונית, בה יוכלו המיעוט והרוב כאחד, למצות […]... Read More


In 1998, NISPED established the International Center for the Promotion of SMEs (INCEP-SME). The center runs education and training programs for the promotion and development of SMEs and entrepreneurship. It also initiates and manages projects and offers consulting services. The SMEs community has, in recent years, witnessed with satisfaction a worldwide growing awareness of the […]... Read More

Cooperating to advance a vibrant social economy in Israel

Launched in January 2011, the Cooperative Development Center is AJEEC-NISPED’s newest initiative. The Center facilitates the organization of individuals in order to promote their economic, social and cultural interests through the creation of a jointly owned and democratically managed business enterprise. Cooperatives are regarded as one of the central pillars of the social economy; they […]... Read More


PROGRAMS FOR THE YEAR 2000 MID-EAST REGIONAL PROGRAMS PROGRAMS WITH PALESTINIAN PARTNERS (Language of instruction of all our regional programs is Arabic, unless otherwise stated) Role of NGOs in Peace Process -25 day course Participants: 30 leaders and activists in Palestinian NGOs and PA officials whose areas involve NGOs. Partner Organization: Palestine Dialogue Center In […]... Read More