The Institute’s activities underwent a broad expansion in 1999. During the year eighteen activities were held in a variety of frameworks.

In line with the policies that have guided the institute since its inception, NISPED continued to focus on courses and workshops for Palestinians. In 1999, there was an increase in cooperation with Palestinian organizations in terms of planning and running the courses. The decision to hold half of each course in Israel and half in the Palestinian Authority was one expression of this partnership.

While a number of significant international courses were also held, it is anticipated that these will increase in the coming year.

NISPED continued to develop its close partnership with MASHAV – the Center for International Cooperation of the Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Within this framework, a total of ten courses/workshops were held: seven for Palestinians and three for the international community.

An agreement for a permanent, institutionalized connection was signed with the World Association of Small & Medium Enterprises (WASME). The first joint course was held on the subject of Structuring a Comprehensive Public Support System for SMEs and took place in November-December this year. The Secretary-General of WASME arrived from India to participate in the closing ceremony of the course during which the public signing of the MOU took place.

Also most noteworthy is the growing relationship between NISPED and the International Labor Organization (ILO). A number of programs were held for Israeli and Palestinian NGOs during which NISPED facilitated the initiation and promotion of a far-reaching program called SHIFT (Shaping the Future Together), which the ILO is to inaugurate on an especially broad scale in the year 2000.

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This year NISPED also responded to the invitation extended by the Israel – Brazil Chamber of Commerce to organize two courses for Brazilian participants. One course was held on the subject of Small Businesses in Rural Areas and the second on Cooperatives. This program will continue and expand in 2000.

The first course stemming from NISPED’s connection to the Peres Center for Peace was held for twenty Palestinian women interested in entrepreneurship. Further activities stemming from this relationship are now being planned.

The end of the year saw the start of a new project for “People-to-People Tourism” run in conjunction with Palestinian organizations with whom we have been working on a permanent basis. So far, this program has included three all-day study tours to Gaza by groups of Israelis comprised of 50 participants in each group.


Ten Courses & Workshops with Palestinian Partners

Seven courses/workshops in cooperation with MASHAV:

Support Systems for Small Businesses
The Role of NGOs in the Peace Process
Human Resource Management
The Role of Civil Society in Building Peace
Promoting Women Leaders
The Contribution of Volunteer Organizations to Local Government
Promoting Youth Leaders


One workshop in cooperation with the Peres Center for Peace:

Promoting Entrepreneurship for Palestinian Women


Two workshops sponsored by the ILO (International Labor Organization):

Developing a Program of Joint Palestinian-Israeli Projects
Training Program in Designing and Implementing Joint Projects


Five International Courses

Small Businesses in an Economy in Transition – held in Russian
Teachers Teaching Peace – held in English for educators from nine different countries
Structuring a Comprehensive Public Support System for SMEs – held in English for participants from 12 countries mainly from Africa and Asia. (A joint course with WASME).
Small Businesses in Rural Areas – held in Portuguese for Brazilians from Espirito Santos
Israeli Cooperatives – held in Portuguese for members of the Cooperative Movement in Brazil. (These last two workshops were held in conjunction with the Israel – Brazil Chamber of Commerce).

Courses/Workshops in 1999 = 15

Study Tours in Gaza
Three all-day study tours in Gaza for groups of 50 Israelis each.