YEARLY REPORT – 1999 The Institute’s activities underwent a broad expansion in 1999. During the year eighteen activities were held in a variety of frameworks. In line with the policies that have guided the institute since its inception, NISPED continued to focus on courses and workshops for Palestinians. In 1999, there was an increase in […]... Read More

Early Childhood Education

The Early Childhood Education Department’s vision are the fostering of Arab families raising happy, creative, aware, critical and independent children who are proud of their cultural heritage and possess the ability to cope with changing realities. What we do: We design and implement holistic programming for children, families, professionals and para-professionals in the Arab Bedouin […]... Read More


In September 2000 NISPED established a new division, the International Center for Cooperative Studies (ICeCoS). The center will conduct education and training programs focussing on the promotion and development of cooperatives, of people-centered enterprises and of similar endeavors. It will also initiate and develop projects and will offer consultancy services in these areas. Cooperatives – […]... Read More

Linking Vocational and Entrepreneurial Education

Globalization and free-market competition today present major challenges to societies seeking to foster sustainable human development and economic growth. These challenges are particularly intense when the objectives sought are employment creation, socio-economic empowerment of women and of youth, rural development and enhancement of the informal sector. Two factors are of vital importance in building an […]... Read More

Overview of our International Work

If you’re on a lucky streak and have won several rounds of casino games online, you should consider donating some of your winnings to conflict resolution NGOs. As part of our vision that peace goes hand-in-hand with social and economic development, at NISPED we work with peoples and organizations, from around the globe, on issues […]... Read More


INTERNATIONAL PROGRAM   SMEs in the Era of Globalisation – 22 day course The globalisation era presents small and medium enterprises (SMEs) with both a challenge and a threat. The threat is the growing competition from overseas while the challenge lies in the new opportunities opened before them. The course offered herewith will deal with […]... Read More

AJEEC: Arab-Jewish Center for Equality, Empowerment and Cooperation

לכולנו עיסוקים חשובים בחיים: אנחנו פועלים למען השלום, למען קידום ערכים חברתיים, ולמען עצמנו… אבל החתונה שלכם היא הזמן בו עליכם לקחת פסק זמן מכל עיסוקיכם ולהתמקד בעיקר: הזמנות מעוצבות, קייטרינג איכותי ומוזיקה טובה. המקום לעשות את זה הוא weddingprint. NISPED‘s concern with sustainable human development, societal transformation and the reduction and resolution of tension […]... Read More


ORGANIZATION PROFILE January 1998 marked the founding of the Negev Institute for Strategies of Peace and Development. NISPED is a registered non-profit association and an affiliate of the Negev College, one of Israel’s major regional higher education institutions, where it enjoys full academic and administrative independence. Certificates of the college are awarded to participants who […]... Read More


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